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Embodying Change: How Movement Can Transform Your Life
September 21, 2012
Spirituality and Health magazine interview with Ana.
You Can Change How You Feel
August 25, 2012
Interview with Italian media.
Ana Forrest, Rock Star of the Yoga World
August 23, 2012
Interview with Anchorage Press.
Ana Forrest Interview
August 22, 2012
Terrific Interview with Paula Dobbyn answering questions about Ana's personal inspirations, experiences and motivations!
Yoga Health Magazine Interview with Ana Forrest
July 15, 2012
Interview with UK Yoga magazine.
English Translation of The Yoga Warrior
July 11, 2012
Interview with Ana Forrest done by Patricia Kasimir. Thank you Stanislav Georgiev for the translation!
Intervista Ana Forrest
June 14, 2012
Ana Forrest: Die Yoga Kriegerin Interview
June 11, 2012
Interview with Ana, in German.
Yoga Guru Giving Peterborough a Stretch
May 22, 2012
Interview with Ana and Guardian Sandra Heider about the first FYFTT in Europe, at Equilibrium Yoga in the UK.
Interview with Ana Forrest - Italian Marie Claire
May 17, 2012
Better TV: Getting Fit with Forrest Yoga
May 07, 2012
Amazing video interview with Ana. Watch it now! :)
Entrevista - Ana Forrest
April 15, 2012
In-depth Spanish language interview with Ana -- answers many questions about Forrest Yoga and her foundations for creating the practice.
What Yoga Journal Superstars Instructors Love to Do in New York City
April 11, 2012
Interview with Ana on what she likes to do in New York City, particularly while teaching at the Yoga Journal Conference.
2012: A Quantum Leap for Forrest Yoga
April 10, 2012
Terrific interview of Ana on the subject of Wind Horse, the Guardians, and Ana's vision of the future of Forrest Yoga!
How Seane Corn and Ana Forrest Maintain Their Balance, No Matter What
February 13, 2012
Ana discusses her on & off-the-mat challenges. Inspiring!
How Three Top Yoga Masters Find Balance, On and Off the Mat
January 17, 2012
Ana's top on & off the mat challenges.
Anti-Aging Secrets of Yoga Superstars
January 09, 2012
Terrific short section on Ana's delight in aging!
In Health, Small Changes Count
December 16, 2011
Mountain Express fitness reporter discusses Fierce Medicine's and Ana's influence on her quest to make small changes for evolution and health.
Inhabit Yourself: A Conversation with Ana Forrest
November 16, 2011
Wide-ranging insightful interview with Namaste Ya'll following Ana's sold out Tampa workshop to benefit the Exalted Warrior Foundation.
Ana Forrest Pairs With Organization to Help Wounded Vets
October 12, 2011
Yoga Journal's Yoga Buzz highlights Ana's work with the Exalted Warrior Foundation.
Book Review: Fierce Medicine by Ana Forrest
September 16, 2011
Santorosa Yoga reviews Fierce Medicine!
Yogi Guardians, on a Healing Mission
July 29, 2011
New York Times article on Ana and the NYC Forrest Yoga teachers and community.
Fierce Medicine: Breakthrough Practices to Heal the Body and Ignite the Spirit
July 26, 2011
Origins Magazine features another excerpt from Fierce Medicine!
"Fierce Warrior talks of long road back from being broken"
June 03, 2011
Ana speaks with the host of Denver 9News (NBC television affiliate) about why she wrote "Fierce Medicine," what she learned in writing her book and how she is teaching those lessons to her students.
Fierce Medicine: Ana Forrest Wants You to Clear the Stuck Stuff with Forrest Yoga
May 27, 2011
Sara Gottfried, MD reviews Fierce Medicine on elephant journal.
Fierce Medicine
May 23, 2011
Origins Magazine features Fierce Medicine!
"Visiting with Ana Forrest"
May 01, 2011
Yoga For Peace radio host Roz Earle talks with Ana Forrest about what makes Forrest Yoga unique, about her just released book, "Fierce Medicine," and more.
"Interview with Ana Forrest," Fitness Organica July 1, 2006
"Firefly, Frog and Other Yoga Positions Good Aloft" New York Times June 20, 2006
"Spirited Away" Yoga Journal Spotlight Interview May 2006
"Interview with Ana Forrest" Hong Kong Economic Journal (circ: 63,000) April 19, 2006
"Yoga with a Gangster Twist" South China Morning Post (circ: 80,000) April 17, 2006
"Ana Forrest" Fit Yoga January 2006
"Ana Forrest - Yoga Rebel" Whole Life Times January 2006
"In Conversation with Ana Forrest " Yoga & Health (UK) January 2011
"Ireland AM" TV3 Dublin, January 20, 2011
"Titans of Yoga" DVD, September 15, 2010
"Ana Forrest: Stronger, Steadier, and More Magical" Yoga Chicago July-Aug 2010
"When Chocolate and Chakras Collide" New York Times January 26, 2010
"Met yoga genas ikmijn emotionele littekens" Yoga Magazine (Holland) December 2009
"Interview with Ana Forrest" Kronen Zeitung, (Vienna Austria circ: 880,000) February _, 2011
"Ana Forrest Walks Her Talk" The Source Asia May 12, 2009
"Find Bliss Speaks with Ana Forrest"
"Exploring Yoga's Outer Limits with Ana Forrest," Whole Life Times January 2006
"Yoga Drove Away the Pain, Set Life in Order" The Miami Herald November 8, 2005
"Forrest in the Trees" The Trail-Gazette September 28, 2005
"Re-Energize at Home with Forrest Yoga," Healing Lifestyles & Spas August 2005
"(Head) Standing Tall" Conscious Choice July 2005
"Class Action: A Sit Down with Ana Forrest" Providence Monthly May 2005
"Yoga for Emotional Trauma" Yoga Journal online magazine March 1, 2005
"Flow or No Flow" New York Times February 18, 2005
"Emotions in Motion" Yoga Journal March/April 2004
"Ana Forrest: Mending the Hoop of the People," Yoga Chicago Nov-Dec 2003
"Postures of Truth with Ana Forrest", Spirituality & Health
"Talking Shop with Ana Forrest," Yoga Journal: OM Page
"Rediscovering Bliss with Ana Forrest," Yoga Chicago

Words of Encouragement: Conquer Fear, Encourage Health
August 14, 2012
Quote from "Fierce Medicine" featured in Denver Post.
The Sweetness of Aging
August 03, 2012
Article by Ana Forrest on the delights of aging.
Stalking Your Fear, Part Three
July 20, 2012
Empowerment through Yoga
July 15, 2012
Article in Peterborough Today on first Foundation Training held in the UK.
Stalking Your Fear, Part Four
June 22, 2012
Stalking Your Fear, Part One
June 17, 2012
Stalking Your Fear, Part Two
June 17, 2012
Stalking Your Fear, Part One
May 10, 2012
Jeff Goodman, In Memorium
May 02, 2012
A tribute to Forrest Yoga teacher Zenrin Jeff Goodman, from Ana Forrest, Guardians Ann Hyde and Catherine Allen, and Forrest Yoga teacher Stephen Baisch.
Stalking Your Fear, Part II
April 21, 2012
Part 2 of a 4 part series. This element gives you yoga tools to manage fear, and reveals two of Ana's own experiences with fear.
Yoga Journal Panel: Yoga Shouldn't Hurt
April 15, 2012
We often hear about the many health benefits to be gained from a regular yoga practice. While there is much potential for healing, there has recently been much media attention on the potential for harm. Join Ana Forrest, Gary Kraftsow, David Swenson, and William Broad, author of the highly-publicized book The Science of Yoga: The Risks and Rewards as they discuss the complexities of this controversial topic. Moderated by Yoga Journal Editor in Chief, Kaitlin Quistgaard.
Stalking Your Fear, Part IV
April 13, 2012
The final in a 4 part series. Ana gives you tools to triumph in a frightening situations, like getting to your car in a dark parking lot. She tells about one of her own experiences being attacked and how she emerged victorious.
On Forrest Yoga and Why You Really Must Attend Wind Horse
April 10, 2012
Article by Guardian Erica Mather on the healing work done when practicing Forrest Yoga.
Stalking Your Fear, Part III
March 31, 2012
Part 3 of a 4 part series. This segment walks you through handling the adrenaline poisoning aftermath from common frights, like having a near-miss car accident.
Stalking Your Fear, Part I
March 17, 2012
Part 1 of a 4 part series on stalking fear; focuses on 5 steps to take right now to help you address fear.
Exercising Your Caring Heart
January 07, 2012
Ana gives tips and tools on how to connect with and teach students with big challenges Forrest Yoga.
Choosing Healing is the Ultimate Warrior Action
December 21, 2011
Ana discusses her work with the Exalted Warrior Foundation, bringing yoga to wounded warriors. She focuses on how basic Forrest Yoga moves and deep breathing can help heal PTSD.
Sexual Healing with Forrest Yoga
October 16, 2011
Origins Magazine focuses on Ana's celebration of healthy sexuality through Forrest Yoga.
Sexual Healing with Forrest Yoga
August 19, 2011
Ana discusses using Forrest Yoga poses and processes for healing and enjoy healthy sexuality in her Huffington Post Blog.
How to Exercise While You SIt
July 26, 2011
Ana offers detailed instructions for healing Forrest Yoga poses and moves to do while you sit!
Job Stress? How this Active Duty Pilot Beats It
June 25, 2011
Ana and USAF active duty pilot Capt "Ditch" Dawson discuss Forrest Yoga. Ditch shares how Forrest Yoga helps her manage the stress of a mentally and physically taxing job.
"WGN TV Chicago Midday News Author Visit with Ana Forrest"
June 08, 2011
Ana explains the healing attributes of four poses while Forrest Yoga Guardian Talya Ring demonstrates. Live on WGN TV Chicago's Midday News program.
In Honor of Memorial Day: Cultivate Your Own Warrior's Heart
May 29, 2011
Ana reflects on the value of military service and gives techniques and tools for you to find and connect with your own warrior's heart.
"Healing PTSD Through a New Kind of Yoga"
May 16, 2011
Ana describes how she helps train our active duty military and heal our wounded warriors on Huffington Post's AOL Healthy Living.
"Moving Through Addiction: Sun Salutes offer 12-step program" Natural Solutions Sept. 2008
"Connecting with Your Core," Healing Lifestyles & Spas July-August 2006
"Yoga's Silent Scandal," Whole Life Times April 2006
"Healing Back Pain with a Twist" The New York Daily News February 2, 2005
Yoga and the Wisdom of Menopause, Suza Francina with a chapter by Ana Forrest
"Ethical Dilemma," Yoga Journal March 2004
"Emotions in Motion," Yoga Journal March April 2004
"Redefining Great Abs with Ana Forrest ,"Yoga Journal November 2003
"Yoga to Heal your Back with Ana Forrest," Healing Retreats & Spas May June 1999
"The Pregnancy Perspective with Ana Forrest," Yoga Chicago
"Postures of Truth with Ana Forrest," Yoga Journal
"Ab-solutely Centered!" Yoga Journal
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Yoga Retreat, Take Me Away!
April 11, 2012
Collection of yoga retreats taking place in 2012, including Wind Horse!
EOD Units Turn to Unorthodox Yoga
March 30, 2012
Article from Fort Carson base newspaper detailing Ana's visit to teach Forrest Yoga to the Army.
Learning To Fly
March 15, 2012
Review of Guardian Catherine Allen's Chicago workshop by FY teacher Barbara Passy.
"Forrest Yoga Workshop Review," Yoga Chicago
"Forrest Yoga Workshop: A Healing Experience," Yoga Chicago
"Forrest Yoga Teacher Training with Ana Forrest," Yoga Chicago
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September 01, 2010
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