"Ana is a brave pioneer in her exploration of yoga, spirit and healing. As a teacher, she ignites your inner fire with clarity and compassion."
- Shiva Rea

"With uncanny skill, Ana helps you zoom into your physical and emotional barriers so that you can heal and go beyond them allowing your authentic strength and potential to blossom forth."
- Baron Baptiste, Author of Journey into Power and 40 Days to Personal Revolution

"Ana Forrest has made a big impact on my practice and teaching. One of her key gifts to me has been the transformative experience of playing my edge in every pose and every breath."
- John Friend, founder of Anusara Yoga

"I greatly appreciate the influence Ana Forrest had on me, as she is a devoted and masterful teacher with a keen awareness that can see and assist in opening other's energetic blocks."
- Sarah Powers

"I found that the Forrest Yoga Teacher Training Course was an excellent preparation to teach yoga and added depth to my journey of personal growth and development. I would recommend this training to any teacher, regardless of what they teach."
- Bruce Bookman, Seattle, WA

"The Teacher Training not only assists you being a better and more present teacher, it transforms your life. I have taken two Teacher Training Courses with Ana and the amount of growth I have made as a teacher and as a woman have been remarkable."
- Alison Strong, Aarhus, Denmark

"Part of the uniqueness of learning Forrest Yoga is observing Ana's expertise in dealing with injuries and illnesses, helping people to uncover their habits and addictions. It comes from a healthy place of understating all popular styles of yoga, takes everything into account and focuses in on the best aspects."
- Toby Levine, Boston, MA

"The training went above and beyond my expectations. After the training, I felt that I had the skills and resources to be a truly effective teacher. Most importantly, the emotional work I did during the training helped me to understand the issues and fears that hold me back in my teaching. This is a high quality training that many teachers I know would benefit from. The emotional work as well as the information on how to prevent and work with injuries was invaluable."
- Anya Shepelavey, Portland, OR

"Ana inspires! Teacher Training with Ana Forrest gave me the confidence and information I needed to transition from a student to a full time yoga instructor. The spiritual exercises broadened my understanding of myself, my fears and inhibitions This is the most comprehensive, intense and rewarding training I have ever attended."
-Cheryl Champagne, Brooklyn NY

"Early in 2004, I met Ana Forrest in Sacramento at a yoga workshop at Free Spirit Studio. I liked the abundance of energy that I got from her 3-hour class and asked Ana if there was an age limit on her teacher's training. She said that there was not, so I applied, was accepted and went to Santa Monica later in 2004 for teacher's training. The training was intense and challenging but gave me the energy I wanted, deepened my spiritual practice, and with Ana's knee in my back helped straighten my back which was hunched over from osteoperosis. Currently I am 88 years old and I am teaching six Forrest yoga classes a week. In my relationship with Ana, I love her as a kindred spirit sharing a mutual belief which is Truth."
- Eunice Lycke, Carmichael, CA

"I love Ana Forrest! She was funny and kind. She is intuitive with regard to her students - she has eyes in the back of her head and sees everything. Her teaching is smart and straight forward with no bullshit and I LOVED it. I even loved when she referred to my upperback, neck and shoulders as "this mess!" Her adjustments were not for the sake of giving the student what they paid for kind of adjustments. They were purposeful, healing and tended to "the mess."
- Kim, NY

"Forrest yoga has helped me in so many ways... but one that is most is exciting is that at 51 years of age I can do handstands again! ...Now that's a wonderful thing. Thanks Ana."
- Brenda on facebook