Online yoga classes with Ana & Jose

Alo Moves

Ana Forrest is proud to partner with Alo Moves. You can practice any of Ana’s four series when you become a Alo Moves Member.

Online yoga classes include:
Freedom from Struggle
Quest to a Warriors Heart
Step into Ceremony
Romance you Spirit
Power of Ceremony

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Ana invites you to sweat out toxicity from the pollution in your life, de-stress, refresh, move deadness out, and build your aliveness. Each of these classes is a fun, sweaty, sexy Forrest Yoga work-out, which gets your endorphins going—uplifting your mood and sparkling up your life.

Each class includes setting an intent and breathing exercises. The hot part of class varies, depending on the apex poses (the challenging poses). The classes are sequenced to warm you up for the more advanced poses and warm you down in an intelligent way. The last few poses of class will down-regulate and deeply nourish your brain and nervous system.

Online yoga class focus includes:
Journey to the Core
Office Yoga
Yoga for Scoliosis
Handstand Tutorial
Inversions and Arm Balances
Tame the Pain
….and more!

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Yoga U

With Ana as a guide, practice yoga at home with, and embark an exhilarating journey into self-discovery, cleansing and healing. Each of the yoga practice packages on YogaU includes a series of online classes. You’ll enjoy the intensely physical, internally focused practice of Forrest Yoga and Ceremony, which often leads to deeply transformative experiences both on and off the mat.

Online yoga series themes include:
Ancestral Voices Series: Yoga for Transformation and Renewal
Easy Does It Series: For beginners to yoga and/or Forrest Yoga and those with injuries
Creating Embodiment: Developing your Body Being

All YogaU online yoga classes include accompanying notes for those who are pregnant.
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