Antonella BonfiglioSnowmass Village, Colorado, United States
Forrest Yoga Associate


About Antonella:
I was born in Sicily, in a small town by the sea. I grew up with a love for foreign languages and movement that I still carry with me. At 23, with two suitcases and a ton of curiosity, I travelled to Chicago and I stayed. My first encounter with yoga happened in 2000. I was training for a marathon and I felt a pain in my lower back. My physical therapist suggested yoga to ease some discomfort. I began to attend classes of different styles until I came across Forrest yoga. As I entered the room, a man who was setting down his mat, said to me " this is the most intense yoga class you have ever taken" and I was intrigued. It was true. After the beautiful practice, my body was vibrating in a way that I will never forget. I was hooked. The language was extremely clear, the sequences made sense to my mind. With Forrest yoga I have learned three basic things:
1) feel my breath
2) feel the earth I walk on
3) feel compassion
4) feel my fear
5) see the beauty in ALL of the above.

I have always taught Forrest yoga because this is the style that speaks to me. When I teach, I offer my practice, my journey, my understanding of anatomy and my words come from my spirit. What I truly wish for my students is to sense and navigate the marvelous and colorful contradictions of our minds, bodies and lives.

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