Annastasia KaessnerSalt Lake City, Utah, United States
Forrest Yoga Certified


About Annastasia:
Annastasia has been practicing yoga for over 18 years, starting when she was 11 years old to improve her soccer. What she found was a life long journey.

She is full of passion for life, loves being outdoors and sharing the

beauty all around.

Yoga is her passion. Annastasia teaches because she wants others to feel the power of the practice. She has a wide variety of experience teaching from

vinyasa power classes to restore classes to kids yoga and to the

healing art of Forrest yoga. Regardless of the form of class her

emphasis is on the intention behind each movement to heal the body, build power,

strength, and flexibility simultaneously. Annastasia's ultimate goal

is for her students to breathe and feel the entire way through

practice. She caters to the class as a whole but emphasizes the

individual, bringing modifications and personal assistance to each


Annastasia also has a B.A in Eco-Gastronomy and Holistic Health from

the University of Redlands. She loves to Rock Climb, hike and bike

around town!