Sarah LeiterBernard, Maine, United States
Forrest Yoga Associate


About Sarah:
Sarah is a year-round resident of Mount Desert Island, ME. She discovered the practice of yoga in 2007, and later fell in love with Forrest Yoga while working in Anchorage, AK. She was certified as a Level 1 Forrest Yoga Instructor in 2014, and completed a teaching mentorship with Forrest Yoga Guardian, Erica Mather, in New York City in 2015. Sarah has taught yoga in Maine and in Mexico, and loves incorporating music into her teaching. Sarah is a long time lover of animals and a forever-student of animal medicine in the form practiced by Native Americans. She also loves the sea, and spends her days working on the stern of a lobster boat for a fourth generation fisherman. She dreams of building a cabin sanctuary in the woods of Maine with a bountiful garden, and she has created Woods of Acadia Yoga to support this dream.