Shayna SkarfBrooklyn, Ny, United States
Forrest Yoga Certified


About Shayna:
Shayna Skarf began studying yoga in India in 1999 and her commitment to yoga has grown over 15 years and across continents. Yoga sustained her through graduate school and after completing a PhD in English Literature, she decided to pursue her true passion: Forrest Yoga. She completed her training with Ana Forrest in New Haven in May 2014 and currently teaches at OM Factory (NYC) and Shambhala Yoga and Dance Center (Brooklyn). She also subs at Life In Motion, Bend and Bloom, and Yoga in the Heights. Shayna’s yoga roots are in the Iyengar tradition. While working as volunteer educator in Mumbai, she began practicing Iyengar yoga at the Light on Yoga Research Trust studio. After several months, she founded a yoga club for women at the Mumbai Jewish Community Center and began to teach weekly classes. Her practice continued to grow as she moved to New York, Boston, and London and attended classes and workshops with leading yoga instructors. In 2007, Shayna attended her first Forrest Yoga class in New York with Erica Mather, a Forrest Yoga Guardian. She immediately recognized the healing power of Forrest Yoga and has been a devotee ever since. Through international moves, career shifts, graduate school, pregnancy, childbirth, and countless crises yoga remained a constant in Shayna’s life. She is grateful to have found her path and humbled by her students' dedication to their practices. Her areas of interest include: yoga for mental health, depression, and anxiety; yoga in academia; reproductive yoga, and children's yoga.