Julie BlayneySpalding, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
Forrest Yoga Certified


About Julie:
After over 30 years of working in a very challenging corporate environment, yoga changed my approach to viewing the world, and I made a conscious decision to change, and began on a path of prioritising what was actually really important in my life. The result was the closing of one chapter and the opening of another; shifting from business suits to yoga pants! The new chapter which started in 2014 is still open and ongoing and has led me on a path of all-embracing self-discovery. This path has incorporated many trainings including, Ashtanga yoga, Forrest yoga foundation and advanced trainings, numerous continuous development training, mentorship training, children’s yoga training, and I have discovered a special talent for encouraging and supporting children with special and developmental needs. Personal and professional growth has also included Reiki training and led me to appreciate the benefits of engaging in shamanic mediation. I have assisted on a number of advanced and mentorship Forrest yoga programmes with Forrest yoga guardians and was selected to assist Ana Forrest whilst she was in England and Scotland. Through my own personal challenges and ultimate growth, I recognises that the way people approach life, is the way they show up on their yoga mat; I also believe that this can be changed by the creation of a space that feels safe, nurturing and supportive. I recognise the need for people to work at their own pace on balancing their energy by engaging in an asana practice that promotes self-awareness and a willingness to go deeper. Come with me on this journey, where I will share all that have learnt, and demonstrate a passionate commitment to each student to support them on theirs. Fascinating Facts about me 1. I am a qualified chef and have cooked exclusively for Ana Forrest and Jose in 2014 during a FYFT in Peterborough at which point I became a vegan. I now work on developing vegan recipes that are onion and garlic free and intends to write a cook book when I find the time 2. I love to get with my circle of like minded friends and go on a Shamanic Journeying Mediation 3. I have three Beagle’s Honey, Teddy and Daisy and love walking with them early in the morning. If you have met me you will know I am always sharing the funny stories of the things my three Beagles do.