Ming Li TanSingapore, Singapore , Singapore
Forrest Yoga Certified


About Ming Li:
Ming Li is the rare Forrest Yoga teacher in Singapore, drawn to the healing practice developed by Ana Forrest, incorporating yoga asanas, breath work, mindfulness and intuitive energy at a physical and emotional level. In her classes, Ming Li prefers to assume the role of a facilitator, sharing from a place of authenticity while providing a safe space to guide students through their practice. At the same time, she also challenges her students to explore their edge while being at peace with the unknown. This tough love comes from a desire to empower students to eventually take charge of their healing, and have fun falling and picking themselves up. Ming Li continues to study under the mentorship of Forrest Yoga Guardians and is constantly energised by the global Forrest Yoga tribe. She also loves teaching yoga to kids with special needs, is a Reiki Master and offers private integrative bodywork sessions.