Audrey GebhardtWantagh, Ny, United States
Forrest Yoga Associate


About Audrey:
Hi! I’m Audrey. I'm a 200-hr Forrest Yoga Teacher who believes in the art of happiness. I live to surround myself in beauty and to create more of it everywhere I go. Since Forrest Yoga found me I’ve seen real life magic on a daily basis and I’m here to help you experience the same. Forrest Yoga has given me the freedom to feel a full spectrum of emotions. Now, my joy radiates out of me from an authentic and full place.

I lost my mom as a teenager and for a while I felt like no where/no one was my home. I was uncomfortable in my own skin, because there was nobody who got me the way my mom did (even I didn't). Forrest Yoga gave me the tools to understanding my own heartbreak, and the ability to work through it in a way that didn’t feel like suffering. Through yoga and celebration, I'd like to help other people find their way home in their bodies. I am fascinated by other cultures, and I believe that in speaking with our bodies communication is endless. I travel to teach people how to move their bodies in a way that feels delicious and how to dance about the full moon. Sometimes I design sentences to delight your mind. Sometimes I talk too much about the giant disco ball that I own.

Forrest Yoga has felt like the best kept secret in my life for the past three years. I get high off of moving my body and I'm pumped to show you the way. I will guide you through a practice in which you'll learn a lot about yourself just by connecting to your body, and maybe one day connecting to the budding sparkle inside of you that I like to think of as your spirit. It's always speaking, we're usually just not listening. With this internal connection you'll begin to develop more powerful connections with your heart, the people you love and the earth you walk on.