Sinhee Ye-McCabeSeoul, South Korea
Forrest Yoga Guardian


About Sinhee:
Sin Hee Ye-McCabe, Sin Hee has been actively working as Forrest Yoga Guardian teacher since 2007 to present. Her teaching and mission has been evolving through changes in life and mending the hoop of people. Realizing daily life of survival gets all of us in repeating pattern and sometimes we get numbs from feeling the truth of reality. Burden of stressful situations don’t go away from running away or ignoring them. Teaching and reminding students and herself having intent, love and healing is on going progress in life. Year 2013, she is expanding her teaching in Asia in Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai and is planning on teaching in England for the first time and at the 2nd annual Wind Horse Conference in US. As Forrest Yoga Guardian teacher it is excited to experience the growth of Forrest Yoga in the world. Sin Hee has insightful knowledge of Anatomy and Bodywork. Sin Hee offers vast knowledge in healing injuries from repetitive motions from yoga practice and daily life. She is currently teaching in South Korea and expanding her teaching around the world. Wallk in beauty!