Rebecca Berlin PrestiSilver Spring, Maryland, United States
Forrest Yoga Certified


About Rebecca:
For as long as she can remember, Rebecca has loved to move.  Whether it was hanging upside down from the monkey bars or teaching herself back handsprings, she has always been fascinated and enlivened by the power that the body has to offer.  After years of competitive athletics and focusing on the outcome of physical training, yoga brought a new dimension to her life; the chance to grow but also respect the process of change and the pace both body and spirit required to unlock.  Lynne Beigier of Back Bay Yoga in Boston introduced her to Forrest Yoga and Rebecca was blessed to have several opportunites to study with Ana in workshops and intensives.  The wisdom and challenge of Forrest Yoga created an instant connection wth Rebecca's desire to grow as a person and strengthen her body. Around the same time, she also discovered Pilates and was intrigued that small, precise movements could prove to be so difficult and also could create profound physical change.

Rebecca believes that the combination of Pilates and Yoga creates a dynamic opportunity to build strength from the core, both physically and emotionally and that there is no one too weak, too injured,  or too old to benefit from these practices!  Her classes are challenging yet compassionate and attentive to each person in the room.  It is her goal to be an inspiration to her students, to empower them in their own healing and strengthening processes and to help them reconnect to their intelligent body, mind and spirit.  If you meet her on the mat you will be challenged, you'll most likely break a sweat and with perserverance to the process, you WILL be changed.