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Ann HydeHouston, Texas, United States
Forrest Yoga Guardian


About Ann:
The Forrest Yoga Foundation course and certification process was the beginning of the most powerful and fulfilling work in my life. I look forward to supporting and guiding you through the same process so you can continue to develop your gifts, become a compelling teacher and inspiration to your students. The mysteries of you will start to unfold as you dive into the homework and a great sense of accomplishment and confidence comes from completing it and becoming certified. I want to help you get it done so you feel empowered to continue along this fascinating healing path that is Forrest Yoga... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Ann Hyde is a passionate yoga teacher and has personally experienced yoga's healing power and cares deeply about sharing this with her students. In her classes, she creates a supportive, fun environment that includes verbal and visual cues and skillful hands-on assists. Ann helps her students focus on their breath, learn to feel deeply, and trust what they feel through sequences she creates based on Forrest Yoga. In addition to standing and seated poses, arm balances and inversions, expect to learn breathing techniques, energizing abdominal exercises and neck releases that are essential for beginning to advanced practices.
Ann has been teaching yoga in Houston for 16 years and is one of the founding Forrest Yoga Guardian (Mentor) teachers and has been training Forrest Yoga teachers since 2007.
One of Ann's main goals is to teach students how to feel and feel good. She likes to say, "Find out what feels good and do more of that!" (