Julie ZeffAtlanta, Georgia, United States
Forrest Yoga Associate


About Julie:
I believe that absolutely everyone can live a life they love. My goal is to spread this belief and the tools to actually live it – a life you love – around the globe. I am a life coach and yoga instructor and have found that bringing these two modalities together can help create unprecedented awareness, growth, strength, and change in people’s bodies and lives. My professional mind-body journey began in 1998 when I worked as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Massage Therapist and persistently tried to find a way to combine the two. It wasn’t until I found Life Coaching (CTI, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, CPCC ) and Forrest Yoga (teacher training) that there was a natural and passionate spark that transformed my life and career forever. Today, I bring the body (and often specifically yoga) into the coaching work that I do with clients and bring life coaching into the yoga that I teach. My own rigorous and passionate commitment to personal growth and fulfillment enables me to inspire and be inspired by my clients/students and to be the nurturing and spunky coach and teacher that I am today. As a busy working mom with three kids under 6, I work every day to practice what I preach. I know first hand about the challenges of trying to find balance in a busy world of work and family. I use my coaching tools each and every day! On and off the yoga mat, I’ll help you tap into the innate potency and wisdom of your mind and body make decisions with clarity and confidence, shed limiting patterns and beliefs and envision, design and live a vivid and extraordinary life you absolutely love. Contact Me Julie Zeff, MSW, CPCC Vivid Living 619.818.6917