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Erica MatherBrooklyn, New York, United States
Forrest Yoga Guardian


About Erica:
Erica discovered Forrest Yoga in her hometown of Madison, Wisconsin, while searching for practices to heal adult-onset migraines. After establishing and growing a career in Madison, she worked as a professional jazz pianist (voted "Madison's Favorite Jazz Artist" in the 2002 Isthmus Reader's Poll) and music educator. Erica moved to New York City in 2004 to begin graduate work at Columbia University, studying Ethnomusicology. She was dismayed to discover that the Big Apple, which offers up everything a person could possible desire to study, had a dearth of Forrest Yoga instructors. She began practicing Vinyasa, New York??s reigning style, at a studio down the street, and Iyengar in the school gym, using yoga to stay sane during graduate school. Upon completing her Master's Degree, she enrolled in the 2006 Back Bay Yoga Forrest Yoga Teacher Training, where she realized that teaching underpins all of her most fulfilling activities, and thus decided to return to New York and begin teaching yoga. Erica brought Forrest Yoga to Om Factory NYC, PURE Yoga NYC, and teaches Vinyasa at the very same studio where she began her own Vinyasa studies, Life in Motion. She has completed Ana??s Advanced Teacher Training, and assists her nationally and internationally. In addition to teaching public group classes, she works privately with New York clients, writes for, and provides business counsel and support for young yoga teachers. She continues to work to unravel the mystery of her own migraine headaches, and finds inspiration from the human body and all of her students.