Dr. Laurel StuartCalgary, Alberta, Canada
Forrest Yoga Certified


About Dr. Laurel:
I found hatha yoga 19 years ago. I found Forrest yoga, my ‘yoga home’, in 2004. Forrest yoga is for me a path of great beauty and healing. Most importantly, Forrest yoga taught me how to walk the path of my spirit. Walking the path of my spirit led me from my job as a school teacher, to founding the first Forrest yoga affiliated yoga studio in the Caribbean,10 years ago. Walking the path of my spirit then led me to Canada, where I now work as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, massage and yoga therapist. I am seeker essentially, a seeker of healing. I enjoy combining the wisdom of yoga, Chinese medicine and massage in my work. The underlying theme of my life's purpose seeks to answer the question "how can I use this moment to bring more vitality, energy and healing to my life, and to the lives of those around me?" My yoga classes focus on the pillars of Forrest yoga, in particular breath, strength and spirit. I look forward to meeting you, on or off the mat 