Tilla VisserLeiden, South Holland, Netherlands
Forrest Yoga Certified


About Tilla:
Tilla loves to teach people how to find their own strength and inner resources through yoga and her teaching is inspired by the richness of more than 40 years of yoga practice. She met Ana Forrest in Hong Kong at a workshop there in 2007 and decided to practice Forrest Yoga since then because she felt that her life just changed for the better after that workshop. She became a certified Forrest Yoga teacher in 2012 and also finished the Forrest Yoga Mentorship program and Advanced Forrest Yoga training with Ana herself in 2016. Her studio is in Leiden Netherlands where she teaches Forrest Yoga to preferably smaller groups of yoga students on a regular schedule. Tilla spent many years involving herself with people who live under harsh conditions in some remote areas of the world, seeing the transformative power of yoga in the lives of jobless youths, street children, marginalized women and victims of violence in Kenya, Sumatra and Java in Indonesia, Vietnam and Rwanda. Her yoga training includes Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda in India; Astanga Vinyasa, Sivananda Yoga; Forrest Yoga. She is also qualified in Vietnamese Acupressure and Meridian Therapy and Massage; Feet and Facial Reflexology; Balinese Yoga. Teaching: Since 2004. Currently teaching Forrest Yoga in Leiden, Netherlands and South Africa. website: