Bernadette LeungHong Kong, N/a, Hong Kong
Forrest Yoga Certified


About Bernadette:
The awe-inspiring vision of a calm and peaceful Vrksasana (Tree pose) being held on the edge of a cliff in a magazine prompted Bernadette to set foot onto a path of holistic wellness into the world of yoga. Having crossed paths with many amazing teachers, Bernadette is deeply inspired by Ana Forrest. The strong connectedness to the physical and emotional bodies, accessible with very deep breaths, brings her clarity and direction in her own journey. Emotional healing has always been Bernadette's passion and it is her intention to help students find their own healing. She believes that it is only through awareness of breath and movement of energy in the body that the beauty of one's inward treasure hunt begins and we are able to walk the journey of self-discovery. Being witness of her own transformation through yoga practice, she feels grateful for what yoga brings. Bernadette is also inspired by different healing modalities and has completed Visionary Craniosacral Work Program C1 and C2 with Hugh Milne, Reiki Level I and II with Joyce Tom and Somatoemotional Healing. Bernadette is one of the first Forrest Yoga teachers in Asia. After becoming a Certified Forrest Yoga teacher, she continues to study with Ana and Sinhee Ye-McCabe, Forrest Yoga Guardian, and assists Ana in workshops and teacher trainings and Sinhee in workshops and the mentorship programme respectively. Bernadette teaches at Pure Yoga in Hong Kong and regularly travels to other Pure Yoga studios in the region for workshops.