Brian CampbellLos Angeles, California, United States
Forrest Yoga Guardian


About Brian:
Brian currently teaches Forrest Yoga at Exhale's Center for Sacred Movement in Venice and Shakti's Elements in Santa Monica, California. Prior to this, Brian ( taught for five years at the Forrest Yoga Institute in Santa Monica. He has assisted Ana at workshops and during the Spring 2006 Teacher Training in Los Angeles. Brian's classes have clear purpose and his enthusiasm for teaching inspires both students and teachers to move forward in their lives and healing. Brian carries Ana's vision of teaching people how to practice and move through life in a Beauty Way. This translates in the practice as working without struggle and embodying freedom in the asanas. Outside of yoga, Brian maintains a bodywork practice specializing in healing pain through energetic deep tissue and cranial sacral bodywork. A continuing six-year mentorship with master healers Ana Forrest and Dr. Vincent Medici has given Brian an experiential relationship to "seeing" energy flow within and around bodies. He is a deeply kinesthetic teacher and healer, gifted in his ability to get students feeling, trusting, and strengthening their own Body's Intelligence. He is skilled at mentoring teachers in the art of "seeing" empathically and performing safe hands-on assists. He is also a teacher of Anatomy and Pain and Orthopedic Evaluation at the Shiatsu Massage School in Santa Monica.