Abby DobbsPotomac, Md, United States
Forrest Yoga Associate


About Abby:
Abby first started practicing yoga at the age of 15, dragged along by her mother. Little did she know then, but yoga would change her life completely. After years of dabbling, Abby's true yoga journey began when she discovered the immense passion that was brought forth exploring Forrest Yoga during her college years. After graduating from Northeastern University with a degree in Behavioral Neuroscience and Marine Biology, Abby decided to complete her first 200-Hour teacher training with her teacher and mentor Ana Forrest - with no intention to teach. The Forrest Yoga Foundation Training changed Abby's life course away from the pursuit of a PhD; she couldn't leave the connection to spirit and community that yoga awakened within her. Inspired deeply by this practice, Abby continued her training through another 200-Hour training with Natasha Rizopoulos of YogaWorks, a Rocket Yoga Training with David Kyle, and continues to be inspired by Ashtanga, Yin, & Prana Flow.
Through a dynamic and mindful combination of poses in Abby’s classes, you will have fun, get sweaty, and breathe deeply. Pulling from all of her trainings, in Abby's classes you'll find the flow & fire of Rocket, the strength, depth, & intensity of Forrest, and the integrity, intelligent sequencing, & alignment of YogaWorks. Expect traditional Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations), inversions, arm balances, and deep, focused opening in her classes.

Abby is so grateful for the opportunity to share her passion and delight of yoga - the physical asana and the deeper philosophical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Inspired by the intention-setting of Forrest Yoga, she guides each class through a dharma talk to connect more closely to the spirit. Abby wants to help her students connect to their body, mind, & spirit honestly and without judgment. She encourages her students to make deliberate and mindful choices in each moment - to listen & connect to their own inner wisdom. Abby believes that yoga is not only deeply personal practice, but also a community - and that we can help to heal ourselves and others through the practice of yoga. Off the mat, Abby is a Licensed Massage Therapist, tea drinker, and mom to three fabulous cats - Kitty Boo, Billy, & Pashmak.