Kiki LovelaceBerkeley, California, United States
Forrest Yoga Guardian


About Kiki:
A joyful and shimmering Spirit, Kiki is known amongst the Guardians for her trustworthiness, integrity and sparkle. H​er deep love and respect for Forrest Yoga Ceremony, her highly attuned ​Seeing s​kills and direct, kind Truth-Speaking make her a uniquely skilled Guardian Mentor Teacher​. Through her work in Forrest Yoga and her recent journey into motherhood, she has learned how to see the magic and mystery in what seems quite ordinary and is passionate about teaching her students how to do the same. As Owner and Director of Education at Innerstellar Pilates & Yoga in Berkeley, California, Kiki ​brings to the Forrest Yoga Hoop her expertise in leadership, business and career development, physical and energetic anatomy instruction, pre- and postnatal Forrest Yoga and empathic hands on healing.

When not teaching, you can find Kiki lying around reading books and making art with her young daughter, doing handstands, taking walks with her family and beloved pit bull Schnitzel Boy or performing with her 1960’s go go dance troupe, The Devil-Ettes!