Raïssa BumpSan Francisco, California, United States
Forrest Yoga Certified


About Raïssa:
Raissa is a steady and strong teacher, bringing compassion and patience to the learning process. She channels her heart through her hands and believes in the courage of each student. She has experienced the benefits of tuning into and supporting her own internal landscape so that the wisdom of her mind and body can mingle. It delights her to see this happen in her students. For when they get grounded in and proud of what makes them unique it is often then that they connect with their Spirit!

In 2015 she founded Reset whose mission is to educate others to be attentive to their bodies’ signals and provide them with practical Self-Tuning techniques (stretches).

Raissa is a Certified Forrest Yoga instructor who has also completed 2 years of the Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program with Forrest Yoga Guardian Colleen Millen. In addition to teaching yoga she owns her own business designing and fabricating jewelry. Integrating the passions in her life under an umbrella that feeds our inner beauty and expresses it to the outside world is an adventure she is happy to be on! She lives in San Francisco.