Maythinee WashingtonAtlanta, Georgia, United States
Forrest Yoga Associate


About Maythinee:
My work is in stories, onstage, on screen, & on the mat.

What's your story? How can you (re)discover your breath to heal the emotional and somatic injuries of the past to fuel your present? How can you ride your breath to harness your full potential to craft your future story?

I'm trained as a bodyworker and have worked in rigorous physical approaches to performance as an actor since 2004. I create classes that encourage play and freedom through alignment and good ol' fashioned sweat. I am grateful to Ana and the Forrest Yoga community for encouraging me to continue to snuggle up to my fear, go deep, and shine bright. As a teacher/facilitator/comrade-in-arms/play-fellow I am interested in engaging with authentic feeling in the present moment-- including so-called "negative emotions" of rage, grief, shame and fear-- and to leverage that into creative potential on and off the mat.

Fire it up!

find me in Atlanta or Las Vegas

twitter: @maythinee instagram: @iammaythinee