Maria Fe Lanfranco GallofreKensington, Md, United States
Forrest Yoga Certified


About Maria Fe:
María Fé, or “Mafe” as her friends like to call her, started practicing yoga in 2007. Her initial motivation was to find a way to manage the stresses of graduate school. She fell in love with yoga right away and, as her mat practice grew, she started connecting with her Spirit (authentic self). Mafe found (and keeps finding) in yoga a path to heal physically, spiritually and emotionally. Following her new passion for yoga, she completed the Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training in 2011.

Ever the scientist, Mafe delights in linking the philosophy of yoga with Western science. Her happiest discovery was finding the connection of how deepening the breath actually calms the mind… Yes, deep breathing positively affects the brain and body, and lowers anxiety! So, she will bring into her classes interesting scientific insights on yoga and how it acts in our bodies. Her classes will provide a sacred space for her students to explore authenticity and to learn to enjoy the present moment through compassionate deep breathing and rigorous asana practice.