Candace GossenPortland, Oregon, United States
Forrest Yoga Associate


About Candace:
Candace being a climber, soccer player and acrobat stepped into her dedicated practice as a yogini New Years Day 2005. This passion for yoga has continued to heal her own life as well as lead a more compassionate life..

My spirit found Ana Forrest and Forrest Yoga in 2011, although it feels like lifetimes and journeys ago. Candace now weaves Chinese Medicine and Qigong into the Forrest yoga asanas which unfold a powerful daily healing ceremony in honor of the trees, wolves, bear and lightening bugs that are embedded deep in her blood from the bayous she grew up in.

On a mission to save the forests, she has taught healing by understanding that all things are connected, and that each choice one makes has an impact. To heal oneself is and can only be the first step to healing the planet. An idealist that likes to laugh at herself, she is a musician, a vagabond, an explorer and wants to join the Lunar Circus in Western Australia someday just for fun!

“As a truthseeker and storyteller, my intention in my teaching coyote medicine is to empower spirit to rewrite their story to heal, be free and find strength through a compassionate heart“ 

Looking forward to a practice together, Candace (BlackCoyote)