Marion ZahnKaty, Texas, United States
Forrest Yoga


About Marion:
Marion Zahn, Ph.D., RYT, is a compassionate and attentive yoga teacher who is committed to promoting health and well-being through mindfulness/mind-body approaches to wellness. An energetic, gentle, and intuitive instructor, Marion guides you through a yoga practice designed to facilitate physical and mental growth and wellness. In her teaching, she is thoughtful about working with students in ways that support wellness and safety. Her slowly to moderately paced classes help increase strength and flexibility and enhance the mind-body connection.

Off the mat, Marion is a mother of two small dogs with BIG personalities and two awesome little girls. She is also a psychologist at Wilcrest Counseling Services. Marion feels grateful to have the opportunity to delight and nourish her spirit each day in spending time with her family and working with clients and yoga students alike.