Molly VogelSanta Rosa, California , United States
Forrest Yoga Associate


About Molly:
Molly's intent as a yoga instructor is to help students alleviate tightness and pain, become flexible and strong, increase self-confidence and personal power, and find an awareness of, and compassion for, themselves. With clear cuing and a positive attitude Molly leads students through well-sequenced classes allowing them to stay safe as they progress and learn more challenging poses. Her purpose is to spark and inspire students’ desires to improve their lives with yoga.

She has been and continues to work on her own healing through yoga since 2009. In 2011, she completed Ana Forrest’s Yoga Foundation Teacher Training Course and in 2012 she completed Forrest Yoga Continuing Education for Teachers. Molly is certified through Yoga Alliance. These trainings changed her life as they brought to light, and worked to undo, details and habitual patterns in her body that she hadn’t known existed, except in that they were causing pain.

Molly’s yoga path continues to be the most fulfilling and interesting journey she’s ever experienced. It has allowed her to set clear intentions and tune into her intuition to shape her reality. Yoga makes it possible for her to live more comfortably in all ways, body, mind, and spirit, which she believes is the ultimate purpose of life. Molly has discovered that teaching yoga is her life’s work: to be a facilitator for people to let go of that which plagues them, feel free and safe enough to recognize their potential shields, and then how to move them aside to live more freely.