Craig Nadashakti NorrisLondon, London, United Kingdom
Forrest Yoga Associate


About Craig Nadashakti:
Interested in spiritual paths from an early age, it wasn't until 2001 when Craig first came to meditation, as life was not working out for him. He had been depressed through most of his childhood and early adult life and although had completed a BA with hons he was very dissatisfied with life and was doing many drugs. He then came across his first meditation and spiritual teacher who was a spiritualist medium who told Craig: 'Yoga is going to be very important for you'. After his first class he was hooked as the combination of yoga and meditation brought him out of depression and addiction. He then continued to seek out and study many different styles of yoga, meditation and healing. In early 2013 After a conversation with Jambo Truong, Craig signed up for the advanced training with Ana Forrest. This was without even going to a Forrest yoga class. There was just something about it that he knew was right. At that training after a series of experiences, realisations and releases, he decided that this was the path that he wanted to go deep into and share this mode of healing with those who would practice with him. Craig continued to attend the foundation in 2016 and since then has completed several Forrest yoga modules and is well on the way to completing the Forrest yoga 300hr certification. He teaches in London and around the world, leading classes, workshops, retreats and well as co facilitating teacher trainings, teaching yoga anatomy, philosophy teaching methodology, sanskrit, vedic chant and meditation. Craig also teaches regular online live and recorded classes.