Elizabeth LoweDanville, Ca, United States
Forrest Yoga Associate


About Elizabeth:
Elizabeth Lowe is a corporate facilitator and consultant with 30 years of experience in the energy and environmental field. She has been an athlete most of her life, having played sports throughout high school and then softball and crew in college followed by competing in triathlons in her 20s.
After trauma through divorce and job stress, she began practicing yoga 10 years ago and combines a strong yoga practice that with a regular cycling regimen to stay in shape.
As a Forrest Yoga Instructor, she works with individuals and companies to bring breath, asana and energy work to help people heal through bringing breath into areas of their life and body in order to reduce stress at work and at home. Elizabeth has been inspired by the positive experience she had in bringing the breath needed to sustain yoga poses in Forrest Yoga into the struggles she was experiencing in her personal and work life and wants to share that with others.
Elizabeth has two adult daughters who are the love of her life and has 3 large dogs who like to practice down dog in their own way when the yoga mats come out.