Bessy TrigkaAthens, Attiki, Greece
Forrest Yoga Associate


About Bessy:
Bessy introduced Forrest Yoga to Greece in 2008 and has been spreading the healing power of Forrest Yoga ever since. She is the Founder and the Owner of All in Yoga studio in Athens since December 2009.
Her vague experience in her teachings almost 14,500 hours of teaching till today, is the key that the practitioner is embraced by her passion, and receives this high energy during her class. She teaches with a way to Evolve the Spirt with an intelligent and playful way!

Bessy took her first yoga class in 2000 while she was working as a Financial Analyst in the small business sector. Instead of continuing that path, Bessy followed and she trusted her inner voice and pursued her interest in Yoga. After exploring the world of Yoga and practicing with many Teachers, she met Ana Forrest. Simce then, she knew that Ana was her teacher — that Ana would be the one that brought out the ‘teacher’ within herself.

It was Bessy’s passion to offer the gift of Life to Everyone through Yoga. The Forrest Yoga System for Bessy is a blessing, a step to surpass all her injuries and Go Deeper! Bessy also completed the Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training in London 2013 with Ana T. Forrest.