Anna DavisSeattle, Washington, United States
Forrest Yoga Associate


About Anna:
Dr. Davis has a doctorate in Physiology and Biophysics from the University of Washington and an undergraduate degree in Neuroscience from Smith College (Northampton, MA). She has taught Physiology at the University of Washington and Biology and Anatomy and Physiology at community college level since 2009. Dr. Davis believes that knowledge is empowering especially when it is used to discover solutions that positively impact our own lives and our communities. Dr. Davis uses scientific teaching in her classroom, an evidence-based teaching methodology that she learned at a National Academy of Sciences Summer Institute for Undergraduate Biology Teaching (Handlesman, 2007). She tests different teaching methodologies to discover which ones are most effective at promoting student learning. In this way her curriculum and teaching is evidence-based, scientific and responsive to her students’ needs. Dr. Davis has received grant funding for both curriculum development and physiology research, developed educational software to teach cell physiology (NerveWorks) as part of a small team at the UW (Simbiotic Software), and she has published her physiology research in top journals in her field. In addition to her academic pursuits, Anna is a certified Forrest yoga instructor who teaches weekly public and private classes at Kula Movement in Seattle, Washington where she lives. Dr. Davis has trained at Harvard's Benson Henry Insititue for Mind-Body Medicine and is certified to teach their Mind-Body Program for Fertility. Dr. Davis has produced two yoga DVD's (available @ Amazon): - Bend Breathe and Conceive a yoga DVD designed to help couples with fertility challenges. - Healthy Mom, Happy Baby a yoga DVD specially designed for women during their pregancies