Lola RephannJersey City, Nj, United States
Forrest Yoga Certified


About Lola:
Lola Rephann has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. Lola’s teaching is informed by mindfulness, listening to the body, and moving from a place of spirit. She studies Forrest Yoga, Yin Yoga, hatha/vinyasa yoga, thai yoga massage, myo-fascial release bodywork, and shamanic reiki. Lola seeks to bring each practitioner to a place of stillness and awareness, where healing happens naturally. Lola’s classes are a call to meet your edge, to challenge the body-mind intelligently. As a teacher, Lola hopes to guide her students to a deeper relationship with themselves, where inquiry leads to awareness, and awareness leads to transformation. One of Lola’s gifts that she uses extensively in her teaching is that people feel comfortable in her presence, allowing them to reveal themselves, to be seen, to drop shields, and to heal. Lola is honored to be able to work with people in such an intimate and personal way.