Ingrid GravesteinMerimbula, Nsw, Australia
Forrest Yoga Associate


About Ingrid:
I'm not an instagrammable yogi. Thank God! Yoga is not about striking a photographable pose. Yoga is about connection: an intimate precious connection to self, to others and to all life force.

Whilst in search of my passion I found yoga. Passion found! Tick. I was driven to learn more and more. Fortunately, living in Sydney gave me access to lots of training. Cramming all this in: studying, working, teaching, left little space for life and I soon hit rock bottom. Even though I was a practicing yogi, I was stressed, and my energy was depleted which resulted in a back injury. It immobilised me for weeks and I hit rock bottom. I couldn't work, I was in constant pain and I felt like a failure. I had to slow down and listen deeply to my body's needs; in my practice, my yoga teaching and my day job. I spent the next years truth seeking, more training and enduring constant back pain that threatened my livelihood with very little progress. Ultimately, it was a gift.

The real game-changer was discovering Forrest Yoga by Ana Forrest. A style of yoga that's been around for a long time but is fairly new to Australia. Forrest Yoga has intelligent sequencing, poses upgraded for today's lifestyles and the invitation to dive deep into feeling what we avoid both emotionally and physically. I progressed far beyond I what I thought I could do, discovered depths within me I never knew existed and enjoyed witnessing my students experience the same liberation. My bulging discs were history. I had discovered my magic.

My yoga journey started with training in LA as a Bikram teacher. On returning to Australia I felt I knew nothing. My thirst to learn more drew me into further study from workshops in anatomy and physiology and hands on assisting to an Advanced Diploma in Yoga. When I discovered Forrest Yoga, I threw myself into the Foundation Training (even though I’d been teaching for 10 years) and her Advanced Teacher Training.

In 2019, 15 years into my yoga journey, I live in an incredibly beautiful place with amazing people. I am a highly accredited Forrest Yoga teacher. I have a beautiful little studio where people get to dive deep and open their hearts. This can only be a good thing. I'm so very grateful.