J. Suzanne HagopianNew York, New York (ny), United States
Forrest Yoga Associate


About J. Suzanne:
Suzanne completed Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training in New Haven, CT with Ana Forrest, and has been in mentorship training with Forrest Yoga Guardian, Erica Mather.
Suzanne has worked with Erica Mather as her instructor since 2009. Past yoga experience over the past 12 years includes practice study with teachers at Life in Motion and Om Yoga, New York. Suzie maintains a daily yoga practice and sees private clients out of her home.
Suzanne works Private Practice as a Clinical Licensed Social Worker, graduate of Columbia University and is a therapist working with individuals and couples. Suzanne also has work history of leading coporate 'Mindfulness in the Office' training sessions and has created and chaired Employee Resource Groups for corporate yoga.