Lisa DayJupiter, Florida, United States
Forrest Yoga Associate


About Lisa:
Lisa Day’s warm smile and bright friendly energy infuse her classes with a sense of fun and playfulness, while her grounded presence creates a safe judgement-free space to connect to the body, breathe, and feel. Deeply supportive and intuitive, she meets her students wherever they are to create a practice that is empowering, challenging and yet accessible to all levels.

The pain of multiple neck, back and shoulder injuries (a car accident, sports injuries, and concussions among them), worsened by long work days at a desk, brought Lisa to her yoga and Pilates practice. After years of trying seemingly everything else with little success, she was amazed at how quickly she not only found relief from pain but additionally built strength, toned and reshaped her body, improved coordination and posture (growing almost a full inch due to spine decompression), and regained a sense of ease and delight in her body.

Having experienced first hand the possibility of managing and moving through pain, she delights in curiously exploring new ways of moving with her students, supporting and empowering each individual with the knowledge, tools and felt experience to bring new aliveness to their bodies and sparkle to their spirits.

Committed to continuously learning and evolving, Lisa is additionally a certified comprehensivePilates instructor and a level 2 Reiki practitioner.