Sarah CoxBristol, Billing Address, United Kingdom
Forrest Yoga Associate


About Sarah:
In 2004 I found yoga in my local gym after injuring my ankle, it complemented by daily meditation routine and I became an advocate of yoga practicing a few times a week.

In 2014 I decided to take the next step and travel to Italy to train in Hatha Transformational Yoga. I came back a different person and began to integrate yoga into my day to day life. I delighted in trying as many different types of yoga as I could find (and I still do!!)

I have found some amazing teachers and came upon Forrest Yoga. In 2016 I decided to train in Forrest Yoga and spent 27 days immersed in Forrest Magic with the creatrix Ana T Forrest.

I love reconnecting students to their breath; it’s a simple pleasure that can be enjoyed on and off the mat.

Yoga for me isn’t just about the physical positions (asana) it’s the freedom it gives me in all aspects of my life. It keeps me grounded and helps me to connect with my body when dealing with stressful situations.