Sarah NelsonMidland, Michigan, United States
Forrest Yoga Associate


About Sarah:
I came to yoga four years ago with the simple goal of finding a good workout and a good stretch. After experimenting with different styles off and on, I stumbled on Forrest yoga in February 2015 by pure coincidence and was instantly hooked. Through the rich and powerful practice of Forrest yoga, I got so much more than that stretchy workout I was initially looking for – I found myself. I found a new passion for life, and started cultivating a newfound confidence and love for my body and what it can do; two things I didn’t even realize I was missing. After shifting my professional focus away from my background in architecture and design, I’d unknowingly lost my sense of purpose. Forrest yoga helped me to reconnect to this, and my new path became clear: to share this transformative healing practice with anyone who will listen! I became certified to teach Forrest yoga through an immersive 200hr teacher training with Ana Forrest in the summer of 2016. I teach classes that support and inspire others to find a connection deep within themselves. As a teacher, I strive to create a safe space for my students to go deeper and be curious – about what their body can do, how it communicates, what its limitations are, and how to find ease in a place of difficulty. My classes will help you build foundations for strength and find more space in both your body and your mind. I use creative and intelligent sequencing to guide you in learning how to make new shapes with your body in a way that is challenging and fun!