Mounira LatracheBerlin, Berlin, Germany
Forrest Yoga Associate


About Mounira:
Mounira is very passionate about empowering people to find their authentic self, the self that is connected to their unique gifts, purpose and spirit.

Whatever she learns in reatreats, yoga sessions, ceremonies inspires her to answer the question: how can we bring this into day to day life, how we create these moments of peace and connection beyond the yoga mat in our office, in the business world and how can we connect with others and create a community that supports each other?

Mounira is at home in different traditions and methods and loves to create an integrated approach that is constantly evolving. Next to being a Business Coach, Medicine Woman, Bodyworker and Forrest Yoga Teacher, she has been working as a Business Woman over the last 15+ years, leading projects at Google/YouTube, Red Bull & BMW and giving Mindful Leadership Trainings across the world. As founder of Connected Business & member of the Mindful Leadership Institute she is passionate about changing the way we do business and creating a business community where we are all LeadingwithSpirit.