Maddy BortesSanta Barbara, Ca, United States
Forrest Yoga Associate


About Maddy:
Maddy Bortes teaches yoga and offers somatic myofascial bodywork and Reiki in Santa Barbara, where she is completing her PhD in Somatic Studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute's Depth Psychology program. She is on a passionate mission to expand the therapeutic options available for those living with trauma--whether that trauma is a lifelong of numbing out or complex-PTSD, and everything in-between that spectrum. She is working to weave Forrest Yoga's medicine ways into trauma therapy and create space for it in the clinical and academic world. If you're interested in learning more email her:

Yoga and meditation class info:
Maddy's classes are never the same twice. She believes that our yoga practice is there to meet us where and how we need to be met...each time. Yoga doesn't ask much of us beyond just showing up to do the work, to face ourselves. With that intent in mind, Maddy designs her classes to offer a space for genuine self-reflection, exploring bodily and emotional feeling, and a creative canvas for whatever you need to create or face that day.

In Maddy's classes expect longer holds coupled with fluid and creative movements. She will guide you to weave the intimacy of your breath with guiding intents, empowering you to build a nourishing relationship with yourself in each moment.