Flo SmithLondon, Greater London, United Kingdom
Forrest Yoga Associate


About Flo:
Flo began practicing yoga when she was working on a show in Belfast. Since she was a child Flo's goal was to become an actress, focusing on musicals. Nothing was going to stop her! After years of intense training she succeeded in landing a role in a UK tour of a musical. Only then did she start to listen to the cries from her body, the years of emotional and physical strain she'd ignored. She started to seek ways to take better care of herself and yoga seemed a logical solution. She wasn't prepared for the huge impact it would have on her experience of life. She began to feel much more connected to everything she touched and felt. After exploring many styles of yoga and seeking different ways to heal she discovered Ana Forrest's book. She felt her soul ignite and was so inspired she found herself in Peterborough on Ana's teacher training just a couple of months later despite no previous plans of becoming a yoga teacher! Practicing Forrest has helped Flo heal injuries and move from a place of fear and numbness to feeling energised and alive! It is helping her become a better communicator and empowered her to recognise her own strength. Flo is still singing, dancing and acting and in October plans to complete her training with Yoga 4 Autism. Flo loves sharing this gift to help others work through injuries, release struggle and emotional baggage, connect to their bodies, energise and empower!