Hinny WassOxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
Forrest Yoga Certified


About Hinny:
Hinny is a violinist and violin teacher, and in 2011 she discovered that Forrest Yoga was a wonderful way to ease the chronic tension in her neck and shoulders which were a result of her musical career. She attended classes with Jambo Truong in Newcastle, and completely fell in love with the Forrest system. When she moved to Oxford she missed the classes, and the Forrest Yoga community, so much that she decided she would have to train as a FY teacher and start to build something similar in her new city. In October 2016 Hinny travelled to Texas and completed the foundation training with Cat Allen and Heidi Sormaz. She is now offering group classes and private lessons in Oxford, plus a specialist Forrest-inspired class for violinists.