Theresa SchweizerIngolstadt, Bayern, Germany
Forrest Yoga Associate


About Theresa:
I am a Forrest Yoga teacher and doctor from Ingolstadt, Germany. I completed my training with Ana T. Forrest 2017 in Berlin. Previously I have been working with Kundalini Yoga in therapeutic application.

In my own story I have learned to re-integrate difficult events and physical weaknesses, and to emerge strengthened from them. Movement and the environment of nature were always an important support to me.

Professionally I have undergone a clinical training as a general practitioner and am currently working in the more preventive-oriented field of occupational medicine in an operational context with a focus on exercise. In addition to western medicine I am concerned with eastern healing methods such as acupuncture and am currently in training as a psychotherapist.
Body and soul are inextricably linked and their approach is to work with both for the recovery of the client in order to arouse its full inner potential.