Irina NovikovaBellevue, Washington, United States
Forrest Yoga


About Irina:
Irina Novikova is a former Microsoft Program Manager with 12 years of experience in the tech industry. During her time working in the corporate world Irina discovered and embraced the transformative benefits of a committed yoga practice. Irina spent countless hours working at a desk and during that time found that yoga helped bring the benefits of movement and health into her life. She knows what does it mean to not being able to reach toes or come up to wheel, and suffer from low back pain and tide hamstrings. No wonder that posture, alignment, joint safety are her primary focus along with healing breath.

Irina grew up overseas and lived in 4 countries. She always loved dancing but had to follow different path to provide for the family. However, passion for movement never left her alone and over time she notices that she silently repeats instructions after her teachers and picturing herself being a teacher. At the age of 33 she left software industry to become a yoga teacher.

Irina loves seeing her students grow! She offers a few stages of asana so everyone has something to work on. She challenges her students to look inwards to discover the best parts of their personality and shine them out to the world.

Irina is a certified 200RYT with the Yoga Alliance with additional Yin, Dharma Wheel, Restorative and Prenatal Teacher Trainings taught by West Coast leading yoga teachers like Lisa Black, Jodi Boone, Ali Valdez, and Colette Crawford. Irina completed Baptiste Level One and Art of Assistance with Baptiste Institute and is getting her full Baptiste Tier One certification this summer. Additional depth to her classes comes from Ana Forrest Advanced Teacher training taken in 2018.
In her personal practice, Irina studies and practices healing Forrest Yoga by Ana Forrest to heal from inside and Universal Yoga by Andrey Lappa to to become conscious of and liberated from their behaviors and individual patterns.

Irina believes that personal evolution is the only way to influence change within and then in the surrounding environment.
Now Irina is aiming to share the art of yoga and healthy lifestyle with the Seattle and Eastside communities!