Suzi ZobristOrcas, Washington, United States
Forrest Yoga Certified


About Suzi:
Suzi Zobrist celebrates a vibrant and passionate life filled with sunny days at the beach with her daughter, Solana and sweetheart, Bernard. Forrest Yoga has helped Suzi heal from ovarian cancer and has kept her breathing throughout motherhood. Her Yoga practice is about embodying her truest self and living as bold, bright and beautiful. Suzi is a multi-faceted Healer, integrating her knowledge and experience of Forrest Yoga, Craniosacral & Transformational Bodywork, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, scar tissue remediation bodywork, Sacred Ceremony and somatic sex education into a dynamic and inspiring practice.

Suzi has been teaching Forrest Yoga since 1999 and is the Founder of Orcas Mandala Yoga & Bodywork Studio on Orcas Island, where she has a thriving yoga and bodywork practice. Suzi intimately touches the lives of her students and has been building community and creating a sanctuary for healing in her small-town yoga studio. She brings her openness and honesty to her classes and teaches with passion for the magnificence of our lives. Celebrate!

Suzi uses yoga and bodywork to support you on your Healing Path and works one-on-one in the discipline most helpful for your needs, whether it is healing from cancer surgery, increasing energy flow and vitality to the body, losing weight or gaining strength and flexibility, learning to feel sexually vibrant again, or to gain a deeper understanding of your path in life.

Suzi teaches all over the West Coast from Canada to California. 

Deep Gratitude to my Mentors ~ Ana Forrest, Hugh Milne, Ellen Heed, Vincent Medici, Alex Turtle, Chenoa Egawa.