Maria AbelGraz, Styria, Austria
Forrest Yoga Certified


About Maria:
Since the day of her birth, Maria had been looking for a way to express herself. Already at an early age she developed a passion for analysing body language and movement. After finishing school she decided to become a professional dancer. She enjoyed using rhythm and music as a way to communicate with herself and others but still she had the feeling that something was missing. Dancing was exhilarating for her but it also had a destructive side, forcing her body into hurting and harmful positions. This was when Yoga came into her life. Through her daily practice, Maria started to take more and more nurturing decisions. She quit her dancing career and dedicated herself to the study of the human body. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy and working in healthcare for several years, a feeling of incompleteness came up again. Maria didn’t want to support the system of treating symptoms anymore. She wanted to invest her energy into finding and unrooting the causes of unhealthy and toxic behaviour. In search for her true Spirit she dove deeper into the world of Yoga until she finally found what she was looking for: Forrest Yoga. Maria has completed the Advanced and Foundation Teacher Training and is currently enrolled in the Mentorship Program with Jambo Truong, learning from him and also assisting him at workshops.